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The Constitution of India provides equal rights for the citizens of India. It is the government’s duty along with the Judiciary and the Legislative to implement the mandate and uphold the Constitution’s provisions in order to build a strong nation. Do you know that your elected MP has an integral part to play in making laws that determine the direction of the nation on many critical subjects?

What does this mean for your responsibilities as active citizens? Would you want your MP to consider the pressing issues in your constituency while passing new and amending existing laws? Would you want your MP to make public his plan and report on his performance periodically? Would you want to know about your MPs performance in the parliamentary sessions?

What could be a better day than Independence Day to start doing something like this? Join the ‘Watch your MP’ campaign to know how you can do this. If you commit some of your time to watch your MP, we will help you on how and what to do.

I watch my MP. Do you? After all, they are your elected representatives! After all, this is your democracy!

The registrations for this phase are now closed. If you are interested, do take a look at the action calendar and we are here to support you anytime.