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Watch Your MP – Reading Material

Here is a complete list of supporting material related to our Members of Parliament. Do read through to have a thorough understanding of our system and MPs.

Introduction to the System:

  1. Report cards on MPs made by SNS (This is what we want to achieve by directly involving people in the constituency) – http://blog.openingparliament.org/post/87692678973/case-study-11-satark-nagrik-sangathans-report-cards
  2. Structure of Government – http://www.elections.in/government/
  3. About the Indian Parliament –
  4. Laws and bills –
  5. Statement of work of the 15th Lok Sabha (optional) –
  6. Using RTI Act to demand political accountability –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JE4A9qUyPs

Information about MPs

  1. Amenities for Members of Parliament including salary details-
  2. Subjects related to MPs for legislation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kwilrv3LVLA
  3. Handbook for MPs (Optional, has end to end details about MPs) –
  4. List of bills presented in the Parliament –
  5. Question hour in Parliament –
  6. MPLADS – http://mplads.nic.in/
  7. PRS Legislative Research – http://www.prsindia.org/


Please let us know if we have missed anything by sending an email to info@we-the-people.in with subject “Watch your MP”.