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Watch your MP – Action Calendar

This campaign aims to reclaim our role as citizens with respect to our elected representative – our MPs. It aims to establish a more participative, accountable relationship between them and us.

We are looking at a programme over the next six months where citizens who have registered for this campaign (90+ and counting!!) will work on being better informed about the responsibilities and performance of their MPs and interface with them. We, at the back end, will provide tools, information and methods that will help work on the ground.

This is a pilot and a learning experience for all of us. It is the first time we are trying to put all information available in public domain directly in the hands of citizens to then hold their MP responsible. It builds on the power of the Right to Information Act and the work of several organisations like Satark Nagrik Sangathan, ADR who have made sure that information on our MPs becomes more available.

What follows is a plan for the next 3 months. This gives steps and timeframes to help you collect information and prepare. During this time, citizens will feedback on progress – achievements, challenges – to backend team so that we can consistently support. Also, we will have periodic sharing through google hangouts and other methods.

Plan for next 3 months:

This is a step by step plan with estimated time.

Step 1: Getting to know your MP                    (Target Date: 15 Sep,2014)

  1. Name
  2. Past experience
  3. Affidavit Information
  4. Post in current government, if any. If yes, what
  5. Membership of parliamentary committees, if any. If yes, which ones
  6. Website link – Social Media profile
  7. Office address and Meeting hours

Step 2: MP’s Performance in last session (Monsoon- August 2014)    (Target Date: 15 Sep, 2014)

  1. Total number of days in session
  2. Number of days attended by your MP
  3. Questions asked

Step 3: Prepare yourself to meet/write to your MP            (Target Date: 30 Sep, 2014)

  1. Basic understanding of relevant articles in the Constitution of India, structures, and responsibilities
  2. Latest update on his/her progress on the Parliamentary committees
  3. Latest update on MP LADS (Get the relevant Govt orders)
  4. Find out areas of concerns within the constituency, if any
  5. Mobilize a group of people who might be interested in this work, if possible

Step 4: Meet your MP                            (Target Date: 30 Oct, 2014)

  1. Request for appointment with MP or plan to meet during public meeting hours
  2. Discuss with MP their plans for the year
  3. Discuss constituency issues. If any
  4. Draft a petition (Formal request) to the MP asking him / her to make public- on their website or hard copy reports – the plans for the constituency. Also take a commitment that this will be done at the least once in 6 months.

Post October 30th, depending on the groups progress, we can work with communities to raise concerns and take them to the MP and more follow ups can be done by using various tools at hand.

Also do check out our Reading Material section which has references to some important documents related to this topic. For people who have not registered and are still participating on their own, can still approach We, the people for any support. Please contact us via email (info@we-the-people.in) with the subject “Watch your MP”.