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In the last six months, we have geared up our efforts to establish partnerships with educational institutions and CSOs that are committed to integrating responsible citizenship into their work in a sustainable manner.

While the CP partnerships that have commenced in the first half of the year, continue with us in the second half too, Partnering with the government agency BARTI for citizenship programmes in state run educational institutions has been a great learning experience in itself. This has also enabled us reach the underprivileged sections of society and the less developed districts like Nandurbar.

Launch of the Heritage Centre for Active Citizenship Gurgaon

In an unprecedented step and the first of its kind, The Heritage Centre for Active Citizenship (HCAC) is a much needed convergence of the academia, civic authorities, NGOs and other citizen activist groups. Launched in partnership with the Heritage School Gurgaon, Manit Jain, the Director of Heritage School very aptly says, “there is no better time than now to have woken up to our responsibilities as active citizens. I believe the time has come for each one of us to consider active contribution to our community as an integral part of ones duties. In a country like ours this role only magnifies in its relevance and responsibility”.  The children at Heritage school have set the tone of this journey by identifying two key issues as their project themes- women safety and road safety.

Centre for Citizenship at Madhya Pradesh

We, The People in association with Jan Sahas, Synergy and few other organisations in Bhopal reached another milestone by launching another Centre for Citizenship on November 26th (Constitution Day).

The centre “Citizenship Collective” and will act as a hub for citizens across Madhya Pradesh to come together specially those who are part of Civil Society Organisations and collectively work on spreading constitutional awareness among fellow citizens. The other main objective is to work on some civic issues and carve a solution out for them.

Partnership with community radio Gurgaon Ki Awaaz

We, The People partnered with Gurgaon Ki Awaaz in October with an aim to induce people to speak about the Constitution and understand its significance in their everyday life. The program named ‘Hamara Samvidhan’ with the target audience being 18-25 year old youth, the research (about what is their understanding of the constitution and what do they reckon about it) was steered through them.

The aim of this program was to bring about a change in the way people think or understand the Constitution of India. Further, it was highly important that people should have conversations about the right and responsibilities that the Constitution entails. The program was successful to a great extent. People often call ‘’ Gurgaon Ki Awaaz’’ and ask about timings of programs related to Law and Rights. The team had a terrific experience throughout. Towards the end of the series, the listeners revealed that they were highly disappointed & wished that the broadcasting continued. It was observed that many people had started acknowledging the Constitution as ‘OUR CONSTITUTION’. Through Vox pop media a total of 50 people voiced from the community in a 13 episode series while 75 calls was received during live telephony.

Ever since I have started hearing this show, I feel I have become closer to my friends who are from different religions.”                                                                                                      – Tejram Kaushik , a listener of the broadcast