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How ?

Host:  You can host a citizenship programme or a citizen café if you have a group of people interested in attending. We will connect you with one of our anchors; mutually decide on a venue and date and take the group through the programme. You could be from a school, college, basti, housing complex, corporate, NGO or anywhere at all.

Anchor: If you like what you see and hear in the citizenship programme (yes, this is a prerequisite) and are interested in engaging further, you are welcome to join our team of anchors. You will be fully equipped to facilitate a programme once you have gone through our anchor’s training.

Intern: Interns are a key strength to our operations. We have opportunities across communications, technology, events, content development, training and delivery. If you have the fire in you and couple of months to work, do email us at info@wethepeople.ooo and we shall get in touch.

Donate: As we grow, we will need monetary contributions to support our work. Our partner, Pragati Abhiyan hosts our Secretariat and manages our financial transactions. All donations to Pragati Abhiyan are tax-exempt under section 80 G.

Volunteer: You want to contribute but don’t think any of the above suit you? Doesn’t matter. We thrive on interest and are happy to connect to see how we can bridge the gap.

To get in touch for any or all of the above, do fill the form in our contact page