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CP for educational institutions

Most people don’t just wake up to civic consciousness one fine day. The idea of citizenship needs to be seeded early; to be nurtured alongside mainstream education for it to have a lasting impact. To this end, we examined and worked closely with students of Class IX from a few CBSE schools.

We are pleased to offer a tailored citizenship programme to fit the CBSE curriculum. This programme complements the standard curriculum by filling in gaps in terms of project experience and real life examples, as well as examining the value basis of the Constitution and role of citizens.

Offered in two components, viz. Addressing conceptual understanding (through modules on the Preamble, Fundamental rights, Fundamental duties and Structure of the State.) and Enabling hands-on experience and practice (through civic projects that can be undertaken by the students), the programme is a comprehensive one for students.

We also offer the programme to students in colleges – undergraduate and postgraduate.

Calling teachers: We would love to train teachers on these modules that they can then deliver alongside their regular curriculum. We would also like to evaluate the understanding and ability of teachers and learners to practice civic responsibility post the delivery of the modules.
We have worked with 6 schools and colleges so far, since 2012.