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The citizen cafes are short, facilitated conversations around the Preamble to the constitution and the role of citizens. They also serve as platforms for bringing together citizens on common issues.

This year our outreach efforts through the Citizen Cafes have been aimed at those institutions which have the potential to move into a deeper engagement with us on responsible citizenship, while working with citizens in the target groups of youth and poor. Extensive outreach efforts were made with educational institutions and CSOs and in a more limited way with companies. During the last six months we have reached more than 5700 citizens through 97 Citizen Cafes with the help of 216 anchors.

Some interesting facets of the campaign were:

Constitution Connect Campaign: Season 4

26th November 2015 – 26th January 2016

  1. It was on 26th November 1949 that the Constitution of India was enacted. Two months later, on 26th January 1950, it was brought into force. These two months were crucial in our history as the period of moving from intent into action. So, are these two months still relevant today for us as citizens of this democratic republic – now in its 66th year? The Constitution Connect Campaign is founded on this very question. WTP’s celebration of 26th November as the Constitution Day culminated into the Constitution Connect Campaign in 2014-15 and this year again, we celebrated Season 3 of this campaign between 26th November 2014 and 26th January 2015.
  2. In the North Secretariat, this period saw a number of Citizen Cafes to build new partnerships, to sensitize citizens about the constitution and also the focus was on our national campaign “Constitution Connect Campaign 2015 – 2016”. We got big partners like SCERT Haryana which enabled us to reach out to a large group of citizens in one go. The ripple factor generated out of such partnerships made us more visible in the secretariat region.
  3. In the West Secretariat, we, for the first time interacted with the law students in Pune. A CC organised at MMCC Law College witnessed a big outreach of first year law students who study constitution as part of their syllabus too. Another group of young students were part of CC at Shailendra College in Mumbai.

Several of them have gone on to become active, engaged citizens.You can read about stories of people who have been part of our Citizen Cafes here.