We work with a lot of interns who have great passion in the work we do. Together, our interns are a key strength to our operations. Hear what they have to say!


Nibban Agarwal

After attending the first Citizenship session, I understood how important it is to follow Constitution for every individual as it is the only governing holy book in democracy. My objective of working with WTP is to create awareness among the mass about the ideology on which our Constitution is based and how can we make sure that we don’t violate them through our actions.



Nimisha Gore

I am Nimisha Gore. A first year architecture student. Since I was small I had interest to do some work for nation.Working for We,The People is how I’m completely my interest happily and am discovering myself too!



Sharun Kashyap

I am a 1st year law student at MMCC Law college. I never thought of studying our constitution. But when I first attended the CC the idea of shipwreck activity got me so amazed that I realised the value of our constitution and how powerful it is and that is why I wanted to join We,The People so eagerly. Now, that I’m interning it is a very valuable and learning experience for me. Not one day have gone where I haven’t learned anything new.


Amruta Kulkarni 

I started my journey with WTP when I attended anchor’s training programme conducted in last year. I got fascinated with the work of WTP on the very first instance as Constitution has always been my area of interest and since 7 months I am associated with WTP as an intern.
I find the objective of Wtp to build an active and informed citizenry very important as nobody in this nation can ever be excluded by the scope of supreme authority of the constitution.

IMG_20160415_071224751_HDRMukund Kale

I am a last year law student studying in new law collage .I like to work with people for good cause .When I attended first program of WTP with students, I understood the value of constitution and how powerful it is .People don’t know their fundamental rights and duties even while working with government sector ..WTP works to bring that awareness among people. 


Pooja Patil

I am a law student , studying at ILS Law College, Pune. I was in search of internship, and then met Bhakti di who showcased me an amazing platform of WTP. Being a part of WTP , I feel really happy and enthusiastic. People here are always nice , helping and ready to work with full energy. I wanna be like them and do something for people, society and flourish my legal skills.



IMG_20160430_210054Kunal Kamble

I am a 1st year law student,studying at ILS Law College Pune.I came to know about WTP  from Pooja.It’s been  a week working as a intern at WTP. Its a amazing place to work. People here are very encouraging passionate.