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About us

If you are reading this, chances are that you are an Indian citizen by birth or domicile. We invite you to consider the following questions:

What does it mean to be an Indian citizen today?

Is there a role for the average Indian to play in this atmosphere of intense socio-political and cultural ferment?

Can you, as a “regular person” make a difference to your society, your neighbourhood?

For the first question, the answer is a complex, yet simple one. “To take responsibility and agency.” This means that you do not sit back and wait for someone else to fix it. It means that you demand accountability from your elected representative and your government. It means that you consider well your own actions, (or lack of them) as a Citizen when mapped against the Constitution of India. It means a whole lot more than that, too. Read on..

And the answer to the next two questions? Yes and Yes.


Logo.pngWe, The People invites us to understand, own up and act out our power and responsibility as citizens. Working through the lens of the Indian Constitution, we empower ourselves in the most basic way possible: by building an awareness of our rights and responsibilities. And the beauty of it is this: just as your citizenship is an integral part of your life, so too, are the rights and responsibilities.

Our only expectation from you is to be aware of them and exercise them. Because this nation is as much yours as anybody else’s.